Gravity Bind (Tunneling)
Frequency Forest (My Heart is a Hadron Collider)
Body Space (Hyperuranion)
Starheart (Biomorphic Bifrost)
Concrete Planetoid
Planet Core (Vertigo)
Neolithic Singularity
Terra Figure
Planetoid (Venus Tunnel)
Lessons in Bioluminescence
Inner Space Arcing over Color Study
Honeycomb Heart
Willendorf Darkmatter Spirograph (Fertility Totem)
The Final State of Black Hole Evaporation Remains a Mystery
Bifrost Orbital
Step Pyramid (Action Plan)
Venus Strata
Color Study with Line (Geometry)
No Strings on Me (Trans-Dimensional Dissection)
Hyperbolic Axiom
Willendorf Asteroid Field (Many Worlds Theory)
Fried Eggs (Exisitential)
Scattered Showers Likely
Biological Clock (Time Bomb)
Star Light, Star Bright, First Star I See Tonight
Spirographic Embrace
Chromosomal Adam and Mitochondrial Eve
Viking Funeral
Time Body Double Negative (Phenomenology)
Meditation on the Irrationality of Dreaming
Endless Column (Vertebrae)
Parabolas Defined by the Distance Between Them (Bifrost)
Willendorf Fertility Elegy
Whiteout Impression (Space)
The Shortest Distance (Grenade)
Our Lady of Willendorf
Void Energy Abstraction
Grounding (Electrical Storm)
Trying to See Through a Gravitational Field
Flowering Orbit
Inflation (Descent)
Inner Space Abduction
Rock Art (Leyline)
A Heart is the Space Between
Bread Body
Iconoclast Spin Network (To Spin)
Wax/Wane (Cell Wall)
An Event in Totality
5th Dimensional Coalescence
Tartarus Prison
Seperation Anxiety
Crop Circle
Headless of the Heat, I Go to Eat the Sun (after Oatman)
Throwing Your Heart at the Enemy (Unbroken Line)
Willendorf Funnel
Asgard Ark
Bell Jar (The Art of Conscious Longing)
Connect the Dots (Starfield)
Biomorphic Ratking
Lungs (Pipe Dream)
Thoracic Cavity as a Horizon
Asgard Impression
Spacetime Tells Matter How to Move, Matter Tells Spacetime How to Curve
Landform Mitosis (Wax/Wane)
Liminality Blueprint (Travail)
Phases of the Moon
Bilateral Symmetry (after Brancusi)
Color Study with Line (Fibonacci Space)
Burden of the gods (Fertility Totem as a Line)
These Longitudes and Latitudes
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